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Steel Secret is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. There's talk that the Sasau blacksmith uses magic charms when tempering steel and his counterpart in Ledetchko would like to know if there’s any truth in it.


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Steel Secret Objectives

  • Find out the truth about the blacksmith’s so-called sorcery.

    • Start: I'll have to be very cautious about getting any information from the Sasau blacksmith. By all accounts he’s a grouchy bastard who doesn't like anyone poking their nose into his craft. Maybe it would be better to try asking one of his family?

    • Completed: I’ve found out the Sasau blacksmith hasn't been muttering spells, just a little stupid ditty he recites to time the stages of tempering.

  • Repeat the ditty to the Ledetschko blacksmith

    • Start: All I have to do is listen to the whole of the Sasau blacksmith's rhyme, remember it and then repeat it to his Ledetchko rival.

    • Completed: I managed in the end to repeat the rhyme to the Ledetchko blacksmith and he rewarded me for it. Maybe I should memorise it - if I ever go back to the trade it could come in handy.

  • I need to find out the exact order of the blacksmith’s ditty.

    • Start: I don’t recall the Sasau blacksmith’s ditty. There's nothing for it but to go back and listen to it again, and this time remember it word for word.

    • Completed: I did it! The Ledetchko blacksmith got his explanation of the alleged magical tempering process, I got my reward, and if I ever return to the family trade, that process could come in handy.

  • Go back to the Ledetschko blacksmith with word of the tempering process.

    • Start: I managed to get the blacksmith to tell me how he does his tempering. All it took was a few words. Now to tell the Ledetchko blacksmith. Thankfully I don’t have to deal with any spells…

    • Completed: I explained the tempering process to the Ledetchko blacksmith and he was so delighted that he rewarded me very handsomely.

  • Listen to the blacksmith's ditty.

    • Start: The blacksmith mustn't notice me nosing around, otherwise he won't recite his rhyme aloud.

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Steel Secret Walkthrough

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Tips & Tricks

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