Skalitz is the starting town. There was probably a settlement in the area where Skalice (Skalitz) lies today as early as the 13th century, though there is no mention of the castle until 1361. The development of the town was prompted by silver mining in the area as well as the existence of the nearby parish of Rovná (Rovna). Read more about Skalitz on its codex page.

- After escaping Skalitz, there will be bandits fighting at the center of the town, near the fast travel point every time you return. These bandits are strong and carry some of the best loot in the game: armor, weapons, clothes, etc. The recommended way to kill these bandits early on is to obtain a horse and bow-and-arrow them at a distance till they drop dead. Be wary, at a low health, these bandits will sometimes stop midtrack and stop attacking. They may disappear.

- Players must take precautions as the bandits spawns in Skalits are of the highest level. Even a player with all stats maxed out will be overwhelmed if not careful. This outcome can be circumvented with excellent manuvering and adopting a defensive fighting style. Moreover, should the player encounter two bandit groups fighting one another, it is inadvisable to charge into the fray as there is a high chance that the player will pull aggro from both sides.


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General Information

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Notable NPCs:

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