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Scattered Pages is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. It seems someone tore pages from an old book and hid them around the monastery. We a little effort, it should be possible to put it all back together.


Related NPCs and Characters

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Torn Book Objectives

  • Find the pages of the torn-up book.

    • Start: Once I find all the scattered pages, Brother Librarian will put the book back together and return it to its rightful place in the library.

    • Completed: I've found all the pages of the torn-up book. They were hidden in all sorts of places - in trunks, between other books, in the cellars, even in the Prior's study. Now they're all back together as they should be.

  • Go and see the librarian.

    • Start: Once I have all the pages, I should go and see the librarian.

    • Completed: The librarian got all the scattered pages from me. As a reward, he has allowed me access to the cabinet containing forbidden books.

  • Go and see the librarian.

    • Start: I found a page torn from a book. I should ask the librarian about it.

    • Completed: The librarian told me the page I found is from a book he's been missing.

Torn Book Walkthrough

  • Page Locations:

    • Table left of Alchemy lab 

    • Cellar Immediately upon entry

    • On one of the chests in the dormitory

    • In one of the chests in the dining room

    • On one of the tables in the library

    • On the nightstand in the abbot's room

Tips & Tricks

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