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Night Raid is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. A decision was reached to try once more to sneak into the castle and free the hostages.


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Night Raid Objectives

  • Find Sir Radzig and Lady Stephanie.

    • Start: Sir Radzig and Lady Stephanie must be somewhere inside the castle grounds. According to Robard, they'll most likely be in a house on the inner bailey.

    • Completed: Captain Robard was of the opinion that Sir Radzig and Lady Stephanie would most likely be held in a house on the inner bailey. But when we crept in their, we found neither of them.

  • Get out of the castle with Capon.

    • Start: Damn it! The alarm has been raised and Sir Hans has an extra hole in his arse. I'd better grab him and haul him out of the castle quick.

    • Completed: To our great misfortune, we were spotted and the alarm was raised. What's more, Sir Hans took an arrow during the raid and I had to throw him over my shoulder and flee from the castle. We got out by the skin of our teeth, but the whole plan to take the castle was in ruins.

  • Eliminate the guards at the gate.

    • Start: I "volunteered" to deal with the guards at the gate. The main thing is to do it quietly!

    • Completed: I got the task of taking out the guards at the gate. Miraculously, I managed to deal with the two armed sentries without raising the alarm.

  • Go and see Captain Robard once you're ready.

    • Start: I'd better prepare for the nighttime raid. The best thing would be to dress in lightweight, dark clothing, to make myself as invisible as possible. Once I'm ready, I have to report to Captain Robard.

    • Completed: I prepared myself as best I could for the nighttime raid and then reported to Captain Robard.

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  • Wait until the sentries are taken out.

    • Start: Here we are! I have to follow the soldiers and obey orders. I'd better not make a mess of it!

    • Completed: The time came for the raid. Quietly, under cover of darkness, we crept as far as the walls and raised a ladder. First the soldiers scaled the wall to take out the sentries. Meanwhile, me and Sir Hans waited below.

  • Scale the walls.

    • Start: The sentries are dead. We can scale the walls.

    • Completed: Once the sentries were dead, we could quickly scale the walls.

  • Run!

    • Start: They spotted us! I must get out of the castle or I am done for!

    • Failed: We failed. Before we could get to Sir Radzig and Lady Stephanie, we were spotted and the alarm was raised. We barely made it out of the castle with our lives and now the whole plan for taking the castle has collapsed.

  • Discuss what to do next with Sir Hans.

    • Start: Neither Sir Radzig nor Lady Stephanie is at home, damn it! I'll have to talk to Sir Hans about what comes next.

Night Raid Walkthrough

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Tips & Tricks

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