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NEXT TO GODLINESS is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. In which I go to the baths to see Lord Capon, and what befalls us there.


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  • Find the Sylvan red in the Town Hall cellar.

    • Start: I have to get a pitcher of Sylvan red from Sir Hanush's private archive. I doubt they'll let me into the Rattay Rathaus without question, especially at this hour and in this state!

  • Get flowers for Klara the bathhouse wench.

    • Start: Here we go again! Now Lord Capon wants me to get a bouquet for the bathhouse wench. I have to pick dandelions, sage, poppies and roses.

    • Completed: No rest for the wicked! Now the young Lord wanted me to pick flowers for Klara the bathmaid. Surprisingly, I managed it.

  • Take the flowers to the bathhouse.

    • Start: I think I've got all the flowers. Enough running around for one night - time to go back to the bathhouse.

    • Completed: Just as I got back to the baths, bouquet in hand, I heard shouting I knew something serious was up. Some poor fool almost drowned His Lordship out of jealousy and if I hadn't come when I did... well, better not to dwell on that and have a drink instead.

  • Get a pitcher.

    • Start: I can't carry the whole barrel; I'll have to get a pitcher somewhere.

    • Completed: I got a pitcher for the wine I have to get for Sir Hans.

  • Go in the evening to join Lord Capon at the baths.

    • Start: I promised Sir Hans Capon I'd come and join him at the bathhouse in Rattay. I have to give him a head start and let him become better acquainted with one of the bathhouse wenches.

    • Completed: After a suitable interval I joined Sir Hans at the bathhouse, and he was in fine form when I caught up with him. It certainly seemed his visit to the baths was doing him a world of good.

  • Play dice with Zdena the bathmaid.

    • Start: I've got to play Zdena at dice to get her back for beating Sir Hans. I hope I do better than he did!

    • Completed: Sir Hans wanted me to play dice with Zdena, but she was no beginner. Lord Capon's state of undress was proof of that!

  • Speak to Sir Hans.

    • Start: Enough of dice. I'll ask what's next.

    • Completed: Sir Hans wanted me to strip and get into the tub with him. Probably didn't want to drink alone.

  • Go back to the bathhouse with the wine for Sir Hans.

    • Start: I have the wine Lord Capon wanted. Now all I have to do is bring it to him.

    • Completed: Satisfying the whims of His Lordship is no easy matter. I got wine for him in the middle of the night. Who knows what he'll want next.

  • Lord Capon is going to the baths. Go and join him there.

    • Start: I can still go to the Rattay bathhouse to see Sir Hans, as he invited me.

    • Completed: Sir Hans was in fine form when I caught up with him. It seems his visit to the baths is doing him good.

  • Ask Sir Hans if he needs anything.

    • Start: I'm not going to stand around like some ignorant yokel. I'll ask Sir Hans what he expects of me.

    • Completed: Sir Hans was half stripped and glad I arrived, so he could get me to play dice with one of the bathmaids.

  • Ask Lord Capon what's bothering him now.

    • Start: His Lordship is a bit fidgety. No doubt he's thinking up some new caper.

    • Completed: I might have guessed - the bathhouse wine wasn't noble enough for His Lordship! So he sent me off in the middle of the night to get some better stuff.

  • The bath wench died.

    • Failed: The bathwench's death brought sadness to an otherwise merry town. Sir Hans no longer found the baths a good place to heal his wounds and sadly went home.

  • See if Sir Hans is alright.

    • Start: I woke up on a dungheap feeling the worse for wear. Even so, I'd better go and check whether Sir Hans hasn't drowned in the bathtub or something.

    • Completed: That wasn't the most pleasant awakening. Oh well, at least I found a soft, warm place to sleep. I didn't smell too good, admittedly, but that could be easily fixed - one more day in the baths. But on my own this time! Sir Hans had probably had enough of the bathhouse for a while anyway.

  • Humours and baths

    • Completed: It's a shame things didn't work out. No doubt a visit to the baths with Sir Hans Capon could have been quite an experience.

  • Put your clothes in the trunk and get in the tub.

    • Failed: I got into the tub with Sir Hans. Maybe I should have stripped first - Iooking like a rusty old pail won't do much for my reputation!

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