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Chumps on the River is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. I met an interesting fellow. He’s an archer by the name of Vatzek and he told me about this game. It’s called “Chumps” and is about hitting wooden blocks floating down the river.


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Chumps on the River Objectives

  • Fire the most coloured arrows into the blocks.

    • Start: Chocks away! Now I have to fire as many arrows as I can into the blocks.

  • Talk to Vatzek.

    • Start: I finished shooting. Time to talk to Vatzek about the outcome.

    • Completed: I finished shooting my first game of Chumps. Vatzek judged my performance and told me I can come and play again any morning.

  • Talk to Vatzek at his home.

    • Start: It seems I made quite an impression on Vatzek. I am to come by his home, he has something for me.

    • Completed: Since I did so well at the Chumps game, Vatzek has taught me a new trick with a bow.

  • Shoot with Vatzek again sometime.

Chumps on the River Walkthrough

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Tips & Tricks

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