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Aquarius is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The Rattay Bailiff has work to offer some of the Skalitz refugees - carrying water and emptying latrines. He wants me to find out which of them are most needy and suitable for the job.


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Aquarius Objectives

  • Talk to the merchant Hagen

    • Start: The Bailiff also said that Merchant Hagen is looking for a cook and he's willing to take one of our people, but he has certain requirements. I need to go and talk to him about what he expects from the cook.

    • Completed: Hagen wanted a good, reliable cook who'd be capable of cooking food fit for nobles and church dignitaries. I didn't know if there was anyone like that among the Skalitz folk.

  • Look around the church for the housekeeper Agnes.

    • Start: When I asked Alex about a cook for Hagen, he suggested Agnes, the devout housekeeper who used to take care of the Parish Priest of St. James' in Rovna. I hear she's most likely to be found in or around the Rattay church.

  • Those interested in work will be waiting during the day in courtyard of the Rathaus.

    • Start: Those interested in work will meet in front of the Rathaus, so I don't have to go running around looking for them. I don't know how many there will be, but I hope I won't have to sort through a whole crowd.

  • Talk with Alex from Skalitz.

    • Start: Before I even start looking for carriers, I should talk first to Alex, the son of the Skalitz Bailiff, who's now speaks for the Skalitz survivors. He should be able to help me.

    • Completed: I went to ask Alex to advise me on selecting people for the jobs. He wasn't keen on it, but in the end he agreed to send me candidates.

  • Theresa would like for you to find work for Tonka and Vincent.

    • Start: Theresa asked me to give preference to Tonka and Vincent in choosing people for the jobs. Should I heed her?

    • Failed: I'm not going to dance when some wench whistles! To hell with it!

    • Completed: Her wish is my command. I got jobs for Tonka and Vincent and Theresa is happy.

  • Find a healing concoction for Rock's arm

    • Start: One of the candidates for the jobs, Rock, has an injured arm that's not healing. Naturally, he won't be able to do any heavy carrying like that, so I promised to get something to help him.

    • Completed: I helped Rock with his arm. Maybe now he'll be fit for work.

  • Wait until Alex sends all the people to the Rathaus courtyard.

    • Start: Alex got together all the people interested in work. They're waiting for me in the Rathaus courtyard.

  • Reward from Tonda.

    • Start: Tonda promised me if I get him a job, he'll teach me how to land a knockout punch.

  • Skalitz mines.

    • Completed: Rock told me there was some find in the Skalitz silver mine before the attack and that there could be something underhand going on there.

  • Reward from Kornelius.

    • Start: If I get Kornelius a job, he'll get me a discount from the Sasau blacksmith.

  • Reward from Woyzeck.

    • Start: Woyzeck offered to give me part of a sacred relic if I can get him a job.

  • Antonia.

    • Completed: Antonia is looking for a job as a water carrier because her husband is sick and is treatment is dragging on.

  • Go back to the Bailiff and tell him who you chose.

    • Start: I questioned all the applicants that Alex sent to me.

    • Completed: I told the Bailiff who I would chose and left it up to him to tell them the news, whether good or bad.

  • Husband on his deathbed.

    • Start: I promised Antonia I'd take a look at her husband and see if I can help him with some remedy.

    • Completed: I tried to help Antonia's husband. Surely I've done enough for her.

  • Talk to the people who are interested in jobs.

    • Start: I should talk to the Skalitz refugees who are interested in jobs.

    • Completed: I talked to everyone who was interested in a job, but I wasn't sure which of them to choose.

  • Find Father Francis and ask him about his return.

    • Start: Agnes the cook is a very stubborn woman, who won't be easily persuaded. Maybe if I find Father Francis and talk to him, it'll be easier to convince her.

    • Completed: I found Father Francis in Sasau. He told me he has no plans to return to his parish. All I had to do was bring the news to Agnes.

  • Tell Agnes that Father Francis won't be coming back.

    • Start: It's enough to tell Agnes what I found out from Father Francis and she'll surely take the the job with Hagen.

    • Completed: Agnes was sorry her time with Father Francis was over, but she agreed to go and work as a cook for Konrad Hagen.

  • Failure with Agnes.

    • Start: I didn't persuade Agnes to go and work for Konrad Hagen. Maybe I can find some other cook, otherwise I'll just have to tell him I didn't find one.

    • Completed: I didn't manage to persuade Agnes, so I had to find another way.

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