The Aesop Potion is an Item in Kingdom Come: Deliverance and can be made with Alchemy.


A recipe from the secret learning of the Arabs, which was used for its success in handling animals, for the smell of the substance has a calming effect on horses and all animals and is so pleasing to dogs that they even forget to bark.


Dogs won't bark at you and horses will love you.


  • Prepare liquor, a handful of wormwood, one of belladonna and one of comfrey and the tusk of a wild boar
  • Drop the wormwood and tusk in the cauldron
  • Boil the wormwood and tusk for two turns
  • Leave the cauldron to cool
  • Grind the comfrey
  • Drop the belladonna and comfrey in the cauldron, but do not boil
  • Distil
Item Alchemy